About Us

Vintage Motorbooks began in 1980 as a partnership of Dean Newton, Dale Lafollette, and Logan Gray.   We had purchased a fine collection of books and offered those and our own surplus on a mail-order list.   Soon we found ourselves buying and selling books on an ongoing basis, and a new business was born.   By the mid-eighties we were the largest out-of-print automotive book specialist in the US and we were often quoted as an authority on book values.   The three partners all had "real" jobs and as others entered the field we were no longer the largest but today we still claim to be the oldest automotive out-of-print book specialist continuously operating in the US.   In 1998 Logan purchased the interests of Dean and Dale and carries on the tradition.   Dean now pursues his interest in Vintage Motocross racing and Dale offers a world-class selection of racing photography through his business, Vintage Motorphoto.  Logan, now retired from the "real" job, has thousands of books on the shelves and is still sorting boxes of books and brochures accumulated from a lifetime interest in automotive history and racing.

Today Vintage Motorbooks operate primarily by mail order and on-site at automotive events in the Pacific Northwest.   We take a selection of books to about 20 events per year, including Vintage Races in Seattle and Portland, British Field Meets, and Automobilia Monterey in California in August.  The very best of the stock remains at our location in Portland, Oregon for those who ask.   We do not operate an open store.

We will always welcome your inquiries, and will do our best to give a quick answer and a reasonable price.

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Logan working his booth at Automoblia show in Monterey, CA

Photo courtesy of Bill Wagenblatt